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Is your child bored in English class?

Do you wish your child read more in English?

Is your child excited about learning?

“It has been great that kids get to speak English AND are exposed to a  different  (and more interesting) way of learning than at the ‘regular’ school.”

“…very creative and friendly atmosphere in the school with a lot of interesting tasks.”

“My hyper-critical daughter  🙂  is thriving at Two Hour School.”









Courses are twohour sessions once or twice a week for children aged six to twelve. They start at 2:00 in Prague 6 and at 4:30 in Prague 2.


What We Teach

British/International curriculum with an emphasis on developing higher-order thinking skills. All the activities are practical, project-based and engaging. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum to complement the Czech system.

About Us

We understand the problems that parents face when educating their children in English. We are English-speaking parents ourselves.  We have created the Two Hour School for parents of children who want the best of the Czech system and an English education also.  We aim to provide the same highquality standards as an international school for those who are currently learning in Czech schools or just need a little supplementary learning in English. We believe in the importance of providing language support and an enriched learning experience for children.